Hello, Toronto!

21 November 2008

Welcome to the new Etsy Street Team for Toronto, the surrounding area, and anyone else who does business through Etsy here in the Big Smoke! It’s a big city and it’s easy to feel a little bit lost, so we’re here to help you find each other.

By joining this team, Etsy sellers can:

  • get listed so that local buyers can find you in the sea of Etsy
  • get featured in our blog
  • join mailing lists and network with your peers in handmade, vintage, or supplies
  • find out about local shows, shops, and consignment
  • find people to share show tables and supply orders
  • and much more as we think of it!

What you won’t have to do here:

  • pay membership fees — we want this to be open to as many Etsians as possible, from all walks of life and all price ranges
  • participate in contests or challenges, or contribute to blogs — you participate as much as you want to, when you want to

We are looking for a few good volunteers at the moment. Specifically, we’d love to have two or three people for each Etsy area — handmade, vintage, and supplies — to moderate mailing lists. Send LittleRaven a convo through Etsy if you’re interested. It won’t be terribly busy, but we’d like to have at least two people moderating each list so that we can cover each other’s absences.


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